Cute, dark fantasy boss rush

About the Team

Robert Cuthbert

Producer / Game Designer / Jack of all trades
As Producer:

  • Coordinated and managed the team into meeting deadlines for all aspects of development to create Hellevator

As Game Designer:

  • Researched countless hours into creating an enjoyable game world related to real world stimulus and artefacts
  • Designed smooth gameplay experiences based on current trends of similar gaming genres to creating a rewarding experience to the player
  • Worked alongside all team members to develop a project, performing coding tasks and animation tasks when required
  • Performed countless testing session to polish the project and create an overall rewarding experience for players

Contact Information:
Personal Website:

Alexandria Griffiths

Australian-based (Brisbane) dev, always up for a chit-chat about iterative game design or any upcoming Marvel movie. Dog-lover, long-walks on the beach, 2-day stints of coffee and code.
Wrote a metric heck-ton of code as part of the Hellevator dev team.


Jack Hendy

Hi, I'm Jack Hendy. You might remember me from such portfolio work as "Hellevator", and "Simpson's References Rule!". For the next thirty seconds we'll be seeing how not to write a bio featuring yours truly.
What I lack in my ability to write, I make up for in my ability to develop, as shown by my team, SID Studios, latest release Hellevator. Other projects that I have solely worked on can be found on my portfolio blog here. If you would like to see the man behind this mask of (bad) humour you can reach me here.
All jokes aside, nothing brings me more joy than to see the effect that something I have made can have on people. If programming is my ride, then players satisfaction is my gas, and I love road trips.

Lexi Townsend

Hi, my name is Lexi. As the sole animator on the "Hellevator" project I designed, created and implemented all the graphical and artistic elements of the game. I created all 3D models, textures, rigs, UI assets, 2D cutscenes, level and character concept art, and animated all characters whist also maintaining my sanity. If you'd like to see how the game was created, check out Lexi's blog here.


Julian Anning

Hey there! (Last and hopefully not least,) I'm Julian! As "music and sound guy" for Hellevator, I composed an original soundtrack which suits the ambience of each level in the game (despite also bouncing between other jobs including programming, game design and web development from time to time, including this website).
I'm currently studying a Bachelor of Corporate Systems Management / Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment at Queensland University of Technology. I'm set to graduate this year and am wondering if the length of my degree title was worth the time spent completing it.
You can listen to the entire Hellevator soundtrack on my SoundCloud.


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